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Poster: Sumanguru Gyra Jones Date: Jul 25, 2008 7:34pm
Forum: adsr Subject: Un-Staring me

I posted this in the forum. Then I realized no one would read it there. So here it is again:

This is paraphrased from my blog on MySpace:

The Wiki People have deleted all the Sumanguru Gyra Jones links as "spam". I think someone there hates me.

I can kinda understand the original SGJ bio page at Wikipedia being considered an "attack" on the SGJ character. It was supposed to be a humerus autobiography that anyone could add to, but I know Wikipedia is not the place to try and be funny or creative... although that makes it all the funnier and creative to me. Be that as it may, the links on other Wiki pages were legitimate links to free musical interpretations of Jabberwocky, The Owl and the Pussy Cat, and a poem by Hillaire Belloc called George Who Played with a Dangerous Toy performed by me under the name Sumanguru Gyra Jones. All the links went to the my audio files here at - no attacks... no money being made... just simple legitimate links.

Next time you find yourself on Wikipedia Type in "Sumanguru Gyra Jones" and then click on the "request an article" button... or better yet add links back in to my work here where appropriate... OR try your hand at writing a Sumanguru Gyra Jones "biography" (anything will do) and see how long it takes The Wiki People to vaporize it.